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Milk Memoirs: Nancy Z., CRNP

Five months ago, I became a new mom.  As an OB/GYN Nurse Practitioner, I was dedicated to exclusively breastfeeding my daughter because I knew the extensive benefits that breastfeeding offers. While my daughter got the hang of breastfeeding very quickly, it was not so easy for me.  After a week, I literally cried in frustration and pain, unsure if I would be able to continue.  A meeting with Colette Acker, IBCLC changed everything.  She adjusted my daughter's latch and I immediately had no pain.  Colette spent an hour advising me and answering my questions, and I walked out of the center feeling confident and ready to feed my daughter.  Were it not for Colette, I may have stopped breastfeeding early.  I am happy to report that five months later, my daughter and I are still enjoying our special time together feeding.

I know that the BRC has helped many other women like myself.  They offer all sorts of classes and support groups, which I take advantage of when my schedule permits.  As a healthcare professional, I try to educate my patients on the importance of breastfeeding, but as a mom, I know the many challenges breastfeeding can present.  I fully believe in the importance of organizations such as the BRC in increasing education and support to new moms in order to increase breastfeeding rates.  The organization is truly a "breastfeeding hero" in every sense.

Kind regards,
Nancy Z., CRNP  

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